Whether you're looking for a cocktail dress or an evening gown, Elilhaam has got you covered. Their party dresses are made with the finest materials and feature intricate details, such as floral beaded sleeves embellishment and pointed collars, that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Shop their latest collection of party dresses today and steal the show at your next event!

New Season

Fierce Teared Sleeve Gown with Plunging Neckline

AED 4,340.00
New Season

Multicolored Crystal Mesh Leafy Green Dress

AED 23,136.75

Scattered Rosettes Sequin Dress

AED 2,971.50

Wide Leg Scuba Pants

AED 1,417.50

Slit Sleeves Blazer Jacket

AED 1,787.50

Twilight Embroidered White And Gold Tulle Dress

AED 44,070.00

Asymmetrical Silk Draped Mousseline Pure White Dress

AED 19,280.63

Embroidered White Tulle Tea-Length Dress

AED 30,849.00

Nude Tulle Dress With Pure White Guipure, Fuchsia And Leafy Green Embroidered

AED 30,849.00
New Season

Multicolored Crystal Mesh Leafy Green Dress

AED 23,136.75
New Season

Oversized Rose Bodice Two Tone Gown

AED 3,055.00

Tarawa Top With Trousers

AED 12,683.00

Sacramento Gown

AED 9,615.00
New Season

Collared Rosette Sleeve Cocktail Dress

AED 1,800.00

Postdam Model Gown

AED 13,333.00

Harbin Model Two Pieces

AED 13,514.00

Ludhiana Model Dress

AED 17,745.00

White Frill Abaya With Elastic Hem

AED 1,390.00

Ice Draped Bodice Dress

AED 1,414.00

White Feather Dress

AED 1,850.00

Jersey Cowl Fringe Gown

AED 1,837.00 AED 3,673.00

Sequin Bodice Chiffon Gown

AED 1,131.20 AED 1,414.00

Grey Trail Dress

AED 2,808.00 AED 9,358.00

Orio Model Dress

AED 8,348.00 AED 16,696.00

White Off Shoulder Sleeve Gown

AED 1,111.00 AED 2,222.00

Pamplina Model Dress

AED 8,205.00 AED 16,410.00

One Shoulder Bow Gown

AED 1,261.50 AED 2,486.28

Lace Cape Sleeve Gown-Ivory

AED 2,020.00 AED 4,040.00