The careful research of equilibrium between luxury and simplicity and the guarantee of Made in Italy are the features of the Italian brand Genny that combine classic elements and modern textures.
Focusing on aesthetics that feature flowing lines and a more feminine mood, achieved through painstaking attention to features and details.
Discover the romantic hues and unexpected materials from cinched-in pants to shining and ruffled tops through the ELILHAAM selection thought for all your casual chic looks.

Fuxia Strass Zebra Print Crop Top

AED 1,925.00 AED 3,850.00

White Mesh Leggings With Rhinestones

AED 1,045.00 AED 2,090.00

White Turtleneck Top With Rhinestones

AED 605.00 AED 1,210.00

Dafne Pink Strass Zebra Print Dress With High Slit

AED 4,125.00 AED 8,250.00

Blue Spotted Lurex Jacquard Jacket

AED 2,475.00 AED 4,950.00

Chocolate Brown Strass Zebra Print Crop Top

AED 1,925.00 AED 3,850.00

Acid Green Cut Out Long Dress With High Slit On Front

AED 3,300.00 AED 6,600.00

Chocolate Brown Animalier Trench Coat

AED 2,750.00 AED 5,500.00

Chocolate Brown Knit Fitted Trousers

AED 2,090.00 AED 4,180.00

Chocolate Brown Knit Fitted Crop Sweater

AED 1,650.00 AED 3,300.00

Purple Wool Blend Flared Trousers

AED 825.00 AED 1,650.00

Purple Single Breasted Tailored Blazer

AED 1,815.00 AED 3,630.00

Sparkling Grape Purple Jogging Animalier Pants

AED 990.00 AED 1,980.00

Sparkling Grape Purple Animalier Sweater

AED 825.00 AED 1,650.00

White Velvet Trousers With Side Slits

AED 770.00 AED 1,540.00

White Jacket With Lapel Motif

AED 1,870.00 AED 3,740.00

Pink Round Neck Sweatshirt

AED 715.00 AED 1,430.00

Dark Blue Cady Trousers With Side Slits

AED 770.00 AED 1,540.00

Neon Green Lurex Animalier Pants

AED 1,100.00 AED 2,200.00

Neon Green Single BreastedAnimalier Blazer

AED 2,310.00 AED 4,620.00

Brown Cigarette Skin Effect Pants

AED 1,210.00 AED 2,420.00

Denim Linen Bermuda

AED 887.00 AED 1,774.00

White Iconic Dress With Cut-out

AED 2,365.00 AED 4,730.00

Lettering-patterned Long Soleil Skirt

AED 1,361.00 AED 2,722.00

Linen Lettering Shirt With Visible Buttons

AED 1,124.00 AED 2,248.00

Blue Linen Shirt With Orchids On The Collar

AED 1,004.00 AED 2,008.00

Blue Wrap Style Linen Trench

AED 1,124.00 AED 2,248.00

Black Shirt With Logo Inserts

AED 1,124.00 AED 2,248.00

White Logo Shirt With Square Neckline

AED 1,005.00 AED 2,010.00

Black Flared Knit Trousers

AED 1,478.00 AED 2,956.00

Pink V-Neck Dress With Collar

AED 1,774.00 AED 3,548.00

Linen Trousers With Front Buttons

AED 770.00 AED 1,540.00

Bronze Velvet Jumpsuit

AED 2,960.00 AED 5,920.00

Black Wool Tweed Trench Coat

AED 3,638.00 AED 7,276.00

Wool Tweed Trench Coat

AED 3,638.00 AED 7,276.00

White Asymmetric Skirt

AED 867.00 AED 1,734.00