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Whether you're looking for a cocktail dress or an evening gown, Elilhaam has got you covered. Their party dresses are made with the finest materials and feature intricate details, such as floral beaded sleeves embellishment and pointed collars, that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Shop their latest collection of party dresses today and steal the show at your next event!

New Season

Pleat Fan Strapless Dress

AED 3,850.00
New Season

Pleated V-Neck Gown

AED 3,644.00
New Season

Pleated Chiffon Gown with Bishop Sleeves

AED 3,321.00
New Season

Strapless Feather Fan Mermaid Gown

AED 4,062.00
New Season

Criss Cross Ruffled Off-Shoulder Gown

AED 3,200.00
New Season

Flowing Chiffon and Pearls Floral Print Gown

AED 4,062.00
New Season

Mikado Gown and Sequined Duster Set

AED 5,250.00
New Season

Ruffle Off The Shoulder Midi Dress

AED 4,062.00
New Season

Beaded Yoke Georgette Caftan Gown

AED 4,480.00
New Season

Fuchsia Midi Dress

AED 3,150.00
New Season

Ruffle Sleeve Long Evening Gown

AED 4,062.00
New Season

Embellished Funnel Neck Column Gown

AED 4,062.00
New Season

Soft Long Deep V-Neck Gown

AED 3,321.00
New Season

Fierce Teared Sleeve Gown with Plunging Neckline

AED 4,340.00
New Season

Bishop Sleeve Mermaid Gown with Stars

AED 3,656.00
New Season

Teal Bishop Sleeve Mermaid Gown with Stars

AED 3,656.00

Mesmerizing One-Shoulder Column Gown

AED 3,963.00

Two-Tone Party Wear Gown

AED 3,241.50

Fitted Crepe Floral Printed Gown

AED 3,593.00

Floral Sequin Gown with Balloon Sleeves

AED 3,936.00

Oversized Rose Bodice Two Tone Gown

AED 3,055.00

Pewter Sequin with Godets Gown

AED 3,569.00

Blouson Sheath Dress with Drapey Sleeves

AED 1,800.00

Collared Rosette Sleeve Cocktail Dress

AED 1,800.00

Floral Embellished Shoulder Evening Gown

AED 2,800.00

Strapless 3D Flower Mermaid Gown

AED 2,400.00

Rosette Sleeves Collar Gown with Ruffled Slit

AED 3,250.00

Asymmetric One Shoulder Floral Fringe Gown

AED 1,610.00 AED 2,300.00

Golden Jacquard Sheath With Puff

AED 510.00 AED 1,700.00

Printed Organza Gown

AED 1,485.00 AED 4,950.00

Sleeveless Floral Silk Maxi Gown With Ruffled Slit

AED 1,140.00 AED 3,800.00

Coral Fitted Long Sleeves Gown

AED 1,862.70 AED 2,661.00

Watermelon Multi Floral Print Tiered Midi Dress with Belt

AED 1,635.90 AED 2,337.00

Azure Cape Style With Floral Applique Midi Dress

AED 1,848.70 AED 2,641.00

Teal Sequin Dolman Gown

AED 1,510.50 AED 3,021.00

Teal Multi Printed V Neckline Puff Sleeve Gown

AED 2,261.00 AED 4,522.00

White Floral Printed Asymmetrical Ruffle Hem

AED 1,193.00 AED 2,386.00

Black Ruffles Bodice Embellishment Gown

AED 1,818.00 AED 3,636.00

Black Short Sleeve Drape Gown

AED 2,020.00 AED 4,040.00

Red Butter Sweet Heart Gown

AED 1,863.00 AED 2,661.00

Off Shoulder Petal Sleeve Dress

AED 865.00 AED 2,883.00

Asymmetric One Shoulder Gown

AED 986.10 AED 3,287.00

Strapless Beaded Evening Gown

AED 1,322.10 AED 4,407.00

Off-The-Shoulder Lace Gown

AED 667.00 AED 2,222.00

Cobalt Blue Gown

AED 1,479.00 AED 2,957.00

Crepe Low-Back Gown

AED 891.00 AED 1,782.00

Chantilly Lace Evening Gown

AED 1,212.00 AED 2,424.00

Cobalt Blue Ruffle Sleeved Gown

AED 891.00 AED 1,782.00