Whether you're looking for a cocktail dress or an evening gown, Elilhaam has got you covered. Their party dresses are made with the finest materials and feature intricate details, such as floral beaded sleeves embellishment and pointed collars, that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Shop their latest collection of party dresses today and steal the show at your next event!


Ramsau Model Gown

AED 10,025.00

Osdorf Model Dress

AED 14,545.00

Osterby Gown

AED 21,116.00

Plon Gown

AED 17,718.00

Risum Top with Trousers

AED 11,188.00

Taiyuan Model Dress

AED 8,250.00

Riesa Midi Dress

AED 5,640.00

Pampow Model Gown

AED 17,074.00

Taejon Midi Dress

AED 5,498.00

Samara Dress

AED 5,586.00

Riengelai Gown

AED 18,395.00

Tarawa Top With Trousers

AED 12,683.00

Teheran Gown With Petticoat

AED 15,293.00

Ramin Gown

AED 21,015.00

Riga Gown

AED 14,409.00

Rees Gown

AED 17,870.00

Recife Gown

AED 25,253.00

Rehau Top With Pants

AED 7,180.00

Obhausen Gown

AED 10,183.00

Redefin Top, Trousers With Cape

AED 9,156.00

Omsk Gown

AED 14,737.00

Regis Gown

AED 17,630.00

Presat Gown

AED 18,711.00

Ringau Dress (Two Pieces)

AED 8,261.00

Sidney Coat with Trousers

AED 12,465.00

Paris Gown

AED 23,900.00

Prien Gown

AED 14,234.00

Poing Gown

AED 19,519.00

Rabat Gown

AED 24,587.00

Pritri Gown With Cape

AED 14,748.00

Pahlen Gown

AED 7,389.00

Sacramento Gown

AED 9,615.00

Otrau Jacket With Trousers

AED 12,738.00

Oyten Jumpsuit

AED 13,808.00

Obing Jumpsuit

AED 12,640.00

Panker Gown

AED 18,253.00

Pekin Dress

AED 18,800.00

Pritzier Gown

AED 10,489.00

Shiraz Dress

AED 18,658.00

Piesport Gown

AED 19,804.00

Reit Gown

AED 12,105.00

Rehling Gown

AED 17,718.00

Reute Jumpsuit with Cape

AED 11,625.00

Reikiavik Gown

AED 13,372.00

Prem Jumpsuit

AED 12,738.00

Rerik Gown

AED 14,267.00

Odesa Coat

AED 26,159.00

Sana Dress With Train

AED 21,944.00