AVA Satchel Black Bag

AED 495.79 AED 550.88

Black Studs Abaya

AED 1,390.00

One Shoulder Bow Gown

AED 1,261.50 AED 2,486.28

Eagle Embellished Black Knitted Dress

AED 1,326.51 AED 1,648.95

White &Yellow Peplum Top

AED 595.00 AED 1,984.00

Embroidered Sequin Dress

AED 2,171.00 AED 2,956.36

Lavena Model Dress

AED 13,800.00

One Sleeve Clayton Gown

AED 8,200.00

Two-Tone Party Wear Gown

AED 3,241.50

Crepe Dress With Structured Bow-Like Collar And Slit

AED 17,930.00

Embellished Column Cape Gown

AED 4,109.85

Hand Embellished Scallop Detailed High Low Hem Gown

AED 3,663.00

Panker Gown

AED 18,253.00

Black Puff Sleeve Jeweled Mock-neck Top with Mini Bows

AED 788.50 AED 1,577.00

Eye jet Earrings

AED 300.00 AED 600.00

Gold Snake Necklace with Stone

AED 703.00 AED 1,116.00

Black Floral Tulle Gown

AED 3,250.00 AED 10,834.00

Sleeveless Star-Embellished Sequin Black Gown

AED 1,845.00 AED 3,690.00

Class Cavalli Leopard Addiction Bag

AED 561.00 AED 891.00

Black Laser Cut Dress

AED 462.74 AED 925.47

Mysterious Marocain Dress With Embroidered Tulle

AED 24,238.50
New Season

Pink Sahara Model Dress

AED 21,321.00

USA Model Dress

AED 13,382.16

Sleeveless Disc Sequin Gown

AED 3,176.38

Faux Wrap Long Sleeve Gown

AED 2,214.38

Strapless Flare Feather Hem Gown

AED 4,138.38

Embellished Gathered Puff Sleeve Faux Wrap Gown

AED 4,138.38

Floral Embellished Long Sleeve Gown

AED 4,138.38

Embellished Feather Cap Sleeve Bateau A Line Gown

AED 4,138.38

Daring Sheerness Mermaid -Cut Dress

AED 25,830.00

A-shape Long Dress

AED 25,830.00

Wrapped Black Lace Jumpsuit

AED 21,390.00

Filaments of Gold& Black Dress

AED 34,710.00

Black Crepe Mermaid Sleek Dress

AED 25,830.00

Kaftan Dress With Statement Sleeves

AED 26,940.00
New Season

Celeste Crepe Long Dress

AED 2,381.25

Sonya Sweetheart A-Line Dress

AED 3,130.50

Andrina Lace Off Shoulder Gown

AED 3,879.75

Botsuana Model Dress

AED 12,552.24

Francia Model Dress

AED 8,708.40

Ghana Model Dress

AED 24,870.00

Japon Model Dress

AED 8,185.96

Liberia Model Dress

AED 9,518.20

Malasia Jumpsuit Mode

AED 10,248.12

Noruega Model Top with Trouser

AED 26,420.64

Salvador Model Dress

AED 6,819.24

Turquia Model Dress

AED 15,391.44
New Season

Shoulder Sequin Embelishment Abaya

AED 1,850.00