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Floral Appliqué Long Sleeve Illusion Gown

AED 3,205.00

Charcoal Embellished Illusion A Line Gown

AED 3,204.26

Midnight Embellished A Line Gown

AED 3,204.26
New Season

Iran Model Dress

AED 11,766.00

Beaded Long Sleeve Evening Gown

AED 2,746.00

Rehling Gown

AED 17,718.00

Black Wool Skirt

AED 841.00
New Season

Strapless Feather Fan Mermaid Gown

AED 4,062.00

Lavena Model Dress

AED 13,800.00
New Season

Bolivar Model Dress

AED 22,041.72

One Sleeve Clayton Gown

AED 8,200.00
New Season

Estonia Model Dress

AED 11,198.16
New Season

Togo Model Dress

AED 6,164.04

Ramsau Model Gown

AED 10,025.00

Embroidered Leafy Green Caftan Dress With Sheer Effect

AED 26,442.00

Crepe Dress With Structured Bow-Like Collar And Slit

AED 17,930.00

Faedo Long Sleeve Model Dress

AED 9,289.00

Taejon Midi Dress

AED 5,498.00

Panker Gown

AED 18,253.00

Emerald Cashmere Knitted Sweater

AED 7,102.62 AED 8,865.42

A-Line Dress With a One-Sided Flower

AED 38,563.50

Strapless Ball Gown with A Defined Heart Shaped Corset

AED 54,796.50

Mermaid Tulle Dress with Deep V-Neckline

AED 24,649.50

A-Shape Skirt with Bold Statement Flowers Underlining the Waistline

AED 39,723.00

Dress with Three Dimensional Pathces

AED 53,637.00

Fitted Sleeveless Tulle Dress

AED 54,796.50

Embroidered Threads and Flowers Filling Tulle Dress

AED 61,753.50

Gold Hue Shimmers Invading Tulle Gown

AED 75,667.50

Fitted Tulle Dress with A Collar Neckline

AED 53,637.00

Blossoming Flowers Stitched Long Dress

AED 37,404.00

Long Sleeves A-Line Shape Dress

AED 36,244.50

Flower Lace Cut-Outs Filling A Tulle Dress

AED 54,796.50

Bridal Princess Cut Gown in Silk

AED 46,680.00

Dropped Waist Tulle Mermaid Cut Dress

AED 62,913.00

Asymmetrical Puffy Sleeves Dress

AED 33,113.85

Embellished in Palm Dress with Detachable Overskirt

AED 67,551.00

Off The Shoulder A-Line Dress

AED 32,766.00

Fitted Mermaid Dress with A Long Train

AED 48,999.00

Silk Magnolia Mikado Gown

AED 54,796.50

Fitted Tulle Dress in Blush Color

AED 81,465.00

Off The Shoulder Fitted Dress

AED 59,434.50

Asymmetrical Off-White Taffeta Dress

AED 28,128.00

Ball Gown Silk Ruffle Dress

AED 54,796.50

Skin Tone A-Line Tulle Dress

AED 53,057.25

Asymmetrical Bust Of A Mermaid Cut Dress

AED 33,925.50

Sheer Dress with Silk Flower Cut-outs

AED 37,983.75

A-Line Tulle Dress with A Heart-Shaped Corset

AED 55,956.00

A-Line Embellished Tulle Dress with Corset

AED 29,287.50