Pewter Sequin with Godets Gown

AED 3,569.00

Rehling Gown

AED 17,718.00

Crepe Dress With Structured Bow-Like Collar And Slit

AED 17,930.00
New Season

Pink Sahara Model Dress

AED 21,321.00

Beaded Lace Midi Dress

AED 28,650.00

Ruffled Poplin Robe Dress

AED 9,750.00

Beaded Georgette Dress with Bands & Slit

AED 29,658.00

Asymmetrical Beaded Georgette Dress

AED 29,280.00

Lace, Crepe & Georgette Dress

AED 14,790.00

Beaded Tulle Dress with Georgette Shawls

AED 36,000.00

Crepe Dress with Seashell Shaped Cut Outs

AED 20,460.00

Strapless Beaded Tulle Dress

AED 44,610.00

One Shoulder Beade Tulle Dress

AED 35,370.00

Beaded Tulle Dress with Slit

AED 37,680.00

Georgette Dress with Woven Raffia Panel

AED 22,140.00

Strapless Beaded Tulle Dress & Bolero

AED 48,390.00

Strapless Beaded Tulle Dress With Slit

AED 39,990.00

One Shoulder Beaded Tulle Dress

AED 35,370.00

Beaded Tulle Dress with Long Open Sleeves

AED 42,720.00

Strapless Crepe Midi Dress

AED 17,058.00

Strapless Crepe Dress

AED 32,640.00

One Shoulder Beaded Tulle Dress

AED 37,050.00

Beaded Crepe Dress

AED 33,060.00

Beaded Tulle Dress

AED 26,970.00

Beaded Tulle Dress with Shawls

AED 41,040.00

One Shoulder Beaded Tulle Dress

AED 33,690.00

Beaded Layered Tulle Dress

AED 32,640.00

Thread Embroidered Tulle Dress

AED 17,730.00

Beaded Lace Dress

AED 28,650.00

Strapless Gabardine Dress

AED 14,160.00

Beaded Tulle Dress

AED 30,330.00

Crepe Dress with 3D Flowers

AED 14,160.00

Georgette Dress with Thread Embroidered

AED 17,058.00

Beaded Crepe Coat

AED 32,640.00

Crepe Coat with Thread Embroidered

AED 13,740.00

Crepe Dress with Draped Sleeves

AED 13,110.00

Linen Robe Dress with Braided Borders & Pockets

AED 9,750.00

Francia Model Dress

AED 8,708.40

Noruega Model Top with Trouser

AED 26,420.64
New Season

Suecia Model Dress

AED 17,226.00

Sahara Model Dress

AED 21,321.00
New Season

Chaqueta Camerun Model Jacket

AED 7,398.00

Beaded Tulle Dress in Crepe Bust And Sleeves

AED 39,380.00

Devoré Satin Skirt

AED 6,426.00

Silk Skirt With Sequined Mesh

AED 8,169.00

Velvet Jacket With Embroidery

AED 36,225.00

Devouré Satin Dress

AED 7,119.00

Mesh And Lace Dress

AED 10,101.00