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Floral Embroidered Silk Mikado Dress

AED 58,275.00

Nature Inspired Embroidered Gown

AED 52,477.50

Scintillating Flora Embroidered Gown

AED 65,232.00

Wildlife Embroidered Gown

AED 58,275.00

Leaves Embroidered Ball Gown

AED 62,333.25

 Roses Embroidered Tulle Gown

AED 81,465.00

Embroidered Lace Silk Mikado Dress

AED 52,477.50

Off-Shoulder Structured Pearl Dress

AED 46,680.00

Draped Off-Shoulder Structured Dress

AED 81,465.00

Layered Tulle Corset Dress

AED 54,216.75
New Season

Green Dress Embroidered With Feathers And Crystals

AED 15,180.25
New Season

Fully Embroidered Black Dress With Overskirt.

AED 22,523.75
New Season

Black Crepe Dress With Crystal Embroidered Sleeves

AED 13,247.75
New Season

Black Embroidered Dress Featuring Overskirt

AED 13,827.50
New Season

Black Crepe Dress With Bell Embroidered Sleeves

AED 10,928.75
New Season

Black Embroidered Velvet Dress With Chiffon Train.

AED 11,122.00
New Season

Black Embroidered Crepe Dress With Details On Sleeves

AED 9,769.25

Embroidered Threads and Flowers Filling Tulle Dress

AED 61,753.50

Embroidered Mermaid Cut with Majestic Sleeves

AED 43,266.00

Embroidered Dress with Multicolored Detailing

AED 36,058.00

Georgette Irisee & Crepe Tri-Colored Dress

AED 28,020.00

Satin Stretch Two Colored Dress

AED 25,941.00

Flaming Astmmetrical One Shoulder Embroidered Tulle Dress

AED 41,187.00

Embroidered Body Suit with A Sheer Tulle Skirt

AED 24,555.00

Delicate Col-Bateau Embroidered Tulle Dress

AED 33,564.00

Glorious Embroidered Tulle Dress with An Overskirt

AED 32,178.00

Embroidered Tulle Dress with Feather Details

AED 39,108.00

Embroidered Fitted Dress with Feathers on the Cape

AED 30,792.00

magnetic Charm Embroidered Tulle Dress

AED 30,237.00

Ball Gown Embroidered Tulle Dress

AED 28,713.00

Pleated Georgette and Touch of Embroidered Tulle Dress

AED 29,406.00

Strapless Embroidered Tulle Dress with Deep Slit

AED 37,029.00

Embroidered Tulle Dress with Endless Sleeves

AED 28,713.00

Embroidered Tulle Dress with An Overskirt

AED 30,792.00

Embroidered Tulle Dress Paired with a Cape

AED 30,792.00

Fitted Embroidered Tulle Dress

AED 29,406.00

Georgette Irisee Two-Colored Long Dress

AED 28,713.00

Head To Toe Embroidered Tulle Dress

AED 28,851.60

Fully Embroidered Tulle Dress with Silver Detailing

AED 24,555.00

Embroidered Puff Sleeve Tulle Dress

AED 34,257.00

See Through Embroidered Tulle Dress

AED 30,792.00

Embroidered Tulle Dress with Golden Detailing

AED 33,564.00

Irresistible Desire Tri-Colored Dress

AED 23,169.00

Two Piece Set of Embroidered Tulle with Multicolored Flowers

AED 30,792.00

Matchinh Tafeta Bralette & Skirt with A Touch of Embroidered

AED 21,783.00

Embroidered Tulle Dress

AED 41,880.00

Embroidered Tulle Long Dress

AED 32,871.00
New Season

Light Chiffon Gathered Kaftan with Hand Made Embroidery

AED 1,850.00