New Season

Geometric Patterned Sequin Midi Dress

AED 2,470.00

Beaded Long Sleeve Evening Gown

AED 2,746.00
New Season

Beaded Long Sleeve Evening Gown

AED 2,746.00

Beaded Long Sleeve Evening Gown

AED 2,746.00

Beaded Long Sleeve Evening Gown

AED 2,746.00

Gold Embellished Wrap Over Long Sleeve Column Gown

AED 4,127.00 AED 8,254.00

Fuxia Strass Zebra Print Crop Top

AED 1,925.00 AED 3,850.00

Dark Grey Virgin Wool Sweater

AED 1,552.00 AED 3,104.00

Metallic Organza Party Pants

AED 6,921.00 AED 13,842.00

Hydrangea Blue Taffeta Ballgown Skirt With Pockets

AED 1,047.00

Royal Blue Sequin Palazzo Trousers

AED 1,359.00

Royal Blue Flat Cup Sequin T-shirt

AED 937.00

Black Ruffles Bodice Embellishment Gown

AED 1,818.00 AED 3,636.00

Black Short Sleeve Drape Gown

AED 2,020.00 AED 4,040.00

Dafne Pink Strass Zebra Print Dress With High Slit

AED 4,125.00 AED 8,250.00

Orchid Petal Beaded Tulle And lace Dress

AED 32,550.00

Black Waterfall Bead Sleeve Top

AED 698.00 AED 1,396.00

White Delicate Pearl Flower Beaded Top

AED 1,188.00 AED 2,376.00

Grassano Gown

AED 14,962.00

Fitted Beaded Tulle Gown

AED 40,950.00

Open Sleeves Beaded Gown

AED 26,910.00

Dark Blue & Gold Tone Sparkle Sequin Embellishment Thoub

AED 2,300.00

Ruby Red Silk Chiffon Embellished Dress

AED 2,650.00

Blue & Gold Tone Henna Sparkle Embellishment Dress

AED 2,300.00

Henna Dark Pink & Gold Tone Embellishment Dress

AED 2,300.00

Dualchi Off Shoulder A-Line Gown

AED 14,382.00

Dizzasco Model Dress

AED 12,200.00

Python Faux Zip Skirt

AED 1,069.00 AED 1,697.00

Sequin Chain Strap Bag

AED 900.00 AED 1,429.00

Asymmetric One Shoulder Gown

AED 2,312.00 AED 3,287.00

Metallic Brocade Gown

AED 2,396.00 AED 4,792.00

Bronze Butterfly Brocade Gown

AED 9,247.00 AED 11,550.00

Dafne Sequin Bag

AED 302.98 AED 605.96

Bronze All-Over Sequin Evening gown

AED 1,189.88 AED 1,487.36

Embroidered Sequin Dress

AED 2,171.00 AED 2,956.36

Black One Shoulder Sequine Stripe Gown

AED 1,481.00 AED 2,351.00