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        Floral Embroidered Silk Mikado Dress

        AED 58,275.00
        New Season

        Cotton Floral Border Print Dress

        AED 3,146.85
        New Season

        Floral Printed Pleated Sleeve Chiffon Gown

        AED 3,746.25
        New Season

        Off The Shoulder Floral Gown

        AED 4,345.65
        New Season

        Chiffon Floral Maxi Dress

        AED 3,646.35
        New Season

        Flowing Chiffon and Pearls Floral Print Gown

        AED 4,062.00
        New Season

        Mesh V-Neck Floral Dress

        AED 2,760.12
        New Season

        Floral Embellished Halter Gown

        AED 2,760.12

        Floral Embellished Gown

        AED 37,100.00
        New Season

        Embroidered Floral Gown

        AED 4,138.38
        New Season

        Floral Embellished Long Sleeve Gown

        AED 4,138.38
        New Season

        Floral Applique Long Dress

        AED 1,490.00
        New Season

        Floral Print Ruffles Long Dress

        AED 1,389.00
        New Season

        Floral Print Belted Waist Long Dress

        AED 857.00
        New Season

        Floral Print Pleated Skirt Long Dress

        AED 3,268.00
        New Season

        Beige Floral Print Long Dress

        AED 2,838.00
        New Season

        Crinkle Chiffon Floral Dress

        AED 2,381.25

        3D Floral Gold Embroidered Asymmetrical Nude Color Dress

        AED 34,154.25

        Floral Embroidered Asymmetrical Fuchsia Dress

        AED 35,256.00

        Floral Embroidered Turquoise Blue Tulle Dress

        AED 27,543.75

        Floral Printed Strapless Embroidered Gown

        AED 8,000.00

        Fitted Crepe Floral Printed Gown

        AED 3,593.00

        Floral Printed Grey Chiffon Scarf

        AED 1,476.00

        Floral Printed Pink Chiffon Scarf

        AED 1,476.00

        Floral Appliqué Long Sleeve Illusion Gown

        AED 3,205.00

        Floral Sequin Gown with Balloon Sleeves

        AED 3,936.00

        Floral Embellished Shoulder Evening Gown

        AED 1,960.00 AED 2,800.00

        Asymmetric One Shoulder Floral Fringe Gown

        AED 1,610.00 AED 2,300.00

        Sleeveless Floral Silk Maxi Gown With Ruffled Slit

        AED 1,140.00 AED 3,800.00

        Floral Appliqué Long Sleeve Illusion Gown

        AED 3,205.00

        Red Floral Print Dress

        AED 1,159.00

        Watermelon Multi Floral Print Tiered Midi Dress with Belt

        AED 1,635.90 AED 2,337.00

        Azure Cape Style With Floral Applique Midi Dress

        AED 2,641.00

        Old Rose Silk Taffeta Floral Embroidered Abaya

        AED 1,850.00

        White Floral Printed Asymmetrical Ruffle Hem

        AED 1,193.00 AED 2,386.00

        Floral Embroidery Kaftan

        AED 1,336.00

        Layared Sleeves With Floral Embroidert On Front Kaftan

        AED 1,718.00

        Sleeve Detailing With Floral Embroidery Kaftan

        AED 1,336.00

        Sleeve Detailing With Floral Embroidery Kaftan

        AED 1,336.00

        Chocolate Lace Detailing with Floral Embroidery On Front Kaftan

        AED 1,527.00

        Hazel Floral Embroidered Kaftan

        AED 1,146.00

        Floral Sequin Column Gown

        AED 597.00 AED 1,194.00

        Black Floral/Leopard Scarf

        AED 581.00 AED 922.00

        Floral Embroidered Cape Gown

        AED 6,912.00 AED 8,630.00

        Black Floral Tulle Gown

        AED 3,250.00 AED 10,834.00

        Navy Floral Print Top

        AED 190.00 AED 392.96

        Off Shoulder Placement Floral Evening

        AED 2,204.00 AED 4,407.00
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