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New Season

3/4 Sleeve Short Dress

AED 1,538.00

3/4-Sleeve Beaded Blouson Gown

AED 1,837.00 AED 3,673.00
New Season

A-line Printed Dress

AED 2,768.00
New Season

Abstract Print Belted Long Dress

AED 2,563.00

Adashi Gown

AED 1,946.43 AED 2,423.85
New Season

All Over Print Midi Dress

AED 734.00
New Season

Animal Print All Over Midi Dress

AED 935.00
New Season

Animal Print Off The Shoulder Long Dress

AED 2,169.00

Asymmetric One Shoulder Gown

AED 986.10 AED 3,287.00
New Season

Beaded Long Dress

AED 1,800.00

Beaded-Shoulder Jersey Gown

AED 1,108.00 AED 3,691.00
New Season

Beads And Feather Detail Short Dress

AED 2,202.00
New Season

Beige Floral Print Long Dress

AED 2,838.00
New Season

Black & Brown Collar Beaded Kaftan

AED 3,760.00
New Season

Black & Brown Collar Beaded Kaftan

AED 3,760.00
New Season

Black Abaya with Cape (2pcs)

AED 3,800.00
New Season

Black Beaded Embellishment Abaya

AED 2,800.00

Black Beaded Embroidered Sleeves Abaya

AED 1,879.00

Black Belted Flare Dress

AED 225.86 AED 451.72

Black Chiffon Long Sleeve Gown

AED 13,089.00

Black Duntel Gown

AED 1,212.00 AED 2,424.00
New Season

Black Feathered Sleeve Long Dress

AED 5,039.00

Black Floral Tulle Gown

AED 3,250.00 AED 10,834.00

Black Laser Cut Dress

AED 462.74 AED 925.47

Black Mermaid Skirt

AED 1,290.00 AED 4,297.00

Black One Shoulder Sequine Stripe Gown

AED 1,481.00 AED 2,351.00

Black Pleated Long Skirt

AED 1,145.00 AED 3,816.00

Black Plisse strapless with Peplum waist

AED 19,398.15 AED 24,238.50

Black Ruffles Dress

AED 1,344.14

Black Silk Geometric Pattern Embroidered Abaya

AED 1,870.00

Black Studs Abaya

AED 1,390.00
New Season

Black Sweetheart Neckline Jumpsuit

AED 2,694.00

Black Vitorria Elain Gown

AED 1,787.77 AED 2,225.54

Black Wool Skirt

AED 841.00

Black Wool Tweed Trench Coat

AED 3,638.00 AED 7,276.00

Black Zipper Dress

AED 1,221.62 AED 1,939.08

Blue Embroidered Embellished Cape

AED 946.00

Blue Twist Front Sleeveless Gown

AED 806.12 AED 1,612.23

Blush Vittoria Embellished Gown

AED 1,068.70 AED 2,137.40

Bolton Model Dress

AED 11,527.98

Borsa Occhiale Line T-Shirt

AED 444.37

Bow Waist Brocade Gown

AED 1,665.00 AED 2,644.00

Brocade Gown

AED 1,537.20 AED 5,124.00

Bronze Butterfly Brocade Gown

AED 9,247.00 AED 11,550.00

Bronze Velvet Jumpsuit

AED 2,960.00 AED 5,920.00

Cane Borsa Line T-Shirt

AED 444.37

Capatarida Model Dress

AED 15,948.00