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          New Season

          3D Flower Top With Skirt

          AED 23,778.00

          Antique Rose Ruffle Tiered Dress

          AED 1,602.50 AED 3,205.00

          Asymmetric One Shoulder Floral Fringe Gown

          AED 1,610.00 AED 2,300.00

          Azure Cape Style With Floral Applique Midi Dress

          AED 2,641.00

          Beige and White Sleeveless Top

          AED 183.63 AED 367.25

          Black & White double dress sleeveless Top

          AED 183.63 AED 367.25

          Black dress with brown & beige Giraffe details

          AED 231.37 AED 462.74

          Black knee length dress

          AED 192.81 AED 385.61

          Black Ruched Details Short Dress

          AED 664.72

          Black Ruffles Dress

          AED 1,344.14

          Black Stretch Crepes Midi Dress

          AED 1,117.20 AED 3,724.00

          Black White Monochrome Mini Dress

          AED 992.00

          Blouson Sheath Dress with Drapey Sleeves

          AED 1,260.00 AED 1,800.00

          Brown Printed Suede Dress

          AED 326.85

          Collared Rosette Sleeve Cocktail Dress

          AED 1,260.00 AED 1,800.00

          Cool Knee Length Dress

          AED 1,347.00 AED 2,138.00

          Dark beige Jersey dress with Giraffe print

          AED 231.37 AED 462.74

          Diana Beaded Tea Length Dress

          AED 1,748.50 AED 3,497.00

          Dizzasco Model Dress

          AED 12,200.00

          Eagle Embellished Black Knitted Dress

          AED 1,326.51 AED 1,648.95

          Eagle Printed Silk Dress

          AED 2,216.72 AED 2,761.72

          Embellished Illusion High Neck Long Sleeve Dress

          AED 2,445.00

          Embellished Illusion High Neck Long Sleeve Dress

          AED 2,445.00

          Emerald Green Puff-Shoulder, Laser-Cut Paisley Dress

          AED 869.00 AED 1,738.00

          Fantasy Printed Habotai Midi Dress

          AED 3,370.50 AED 6,741.00

          Geometric Patterned Sequin Midi Dress

          AED 2,470.00
          New Season

          Georgette Dress and Cape Jacket With Ruffles

          AED 25,920.00
          New Season

          Georgette Dress With Woven Raffia Panel

          AED 14,790.00

          Golden Jacquard Sheath With Puff

          AED 510.00 AED 1,700.00

          Grey and white Sleeveless Double Top

          AED 183.25 AED 367.25

          Grey Wool Blend Sweater Stretchable Dress

          AED 572.91

          Grey-Knee Length Dress

          AED 192.81 AED 385.61

          Ivory White Feather Bodice Adorned Dress

          AED 1,640.10 AED 2,343.00

          Jersey Dress

          AED 1,171.00 AED 1,859.00

          Jewel Nerckline Printed Dress

          AED 597.00 AED 995.00

          Light Purple Ruched Short Dress

          AED 572.91
          New Season

          Linen Detailed Shirt & Shorts

          AED 14,370.00
          New Season

          Linen Detailed Shirt & Shorts with Jacket

          AED 24,240.00
          New Season

          Long Sleeve Crepe Shirt & Shorts

          AED 20,838.00

          Malva Sleevless Striped Dress

          AED 539.80 AED 899.76

          Midnight Stretch Crepes Midi Dress

          AED 2,606.80 AED 3,724.00

          Off The Shoulder Tea Length Gown

          AED 3,045.00

          Pink V-Neck Dress With Collar

          AED 1,774.00 AED 3,548.00

          Printed Silk Dress

          AED 1,846.53 AED 2,298.99
          New Season

          Puffy Sleeve Shirt

          AED 18,150.00

          Purple Stretch Fitted Bodice Short Dress

          AED 572.91

          Samara Dress

          AED 5,586.00

          Stretchable Ruffles Dress

          AED 789.59
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