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          New Season

          Black Velvet Dress Taffeta Overskirt

          AED 16,533.00
          New Season

          Fully Embroidered Black Dress With Overskirt.

          AED 22,523.75
          New Season

          Black Crepe Dress With Intricate Embroidery

          AED 14,020.75
          New Season

          Black Crepe Dress With Crystal Embroidered Sleeves

          AED 13,247.75
          New Season

          Black Velvet Dress With Embroidery On Slit

          AED 12,861.25
          New Season

          Black Embroidered Dress Featuring Overskirt

          AED 13,827.50
          New Season

          Black Crepe Dress With Bell Embroidered Sleeves

          AED 10,928.75
          New Season

          Black Embroidered Velvet Dress With Chiffon Train.

          AED 11,122.00
          New Season

          Black Embroidered Crepe Dress With Details On Sleeves

          AED 9,769.25
          New Season

          Black Crepe Dress With Baguette Embroidery

          AED 11,508.50
          New Season

          Black Crepe Dress Featuring Exquisite Crystal Embellishments

          AED 13,441.00

          Black Boat Neck Embellished Overall Gown

          AED 8,000.00

          Embellished Column Cape Gown

          AED 4,109.85
          New Season

          Embroidered Tulle Long Dress

          AED 2,797.50

          Contrast Ruffle Gown

          AED 1,479.00 AED 2,957.00

          Black Zipper Dress

          AED 1,221.62 AED 1,939.08

          Signature Black Print Dress

          AED 1,237.00 AED 1,963.00

          Signature Maxi Printed Dress

          AED 1,771.00 AED 2,811.00

          Black Floral Tulle Gown

          AED 3,250.00 AED 10,834.00

          Black Duntel Gown

          AED 1,212.00 AED 2,424.00

          Sleeveless Star-Embellished Sequin Black Gown

          AED 3,690.00

          Pomezia Model Dress

          AED 3,735.00 AED 12,450.00

          Pineto Model Dress

          AED 6,394.00 AED 21,312.00

          3/4-Sleeve Beaded Blouson Gown

          AED 1,837.00 AED 3,673.00

          Maxi Polka Dot Dress

          AED 919.96 AED 1,839.92

          Short Mesh Dress

          AED 462.74 AED 925.47

          Black Laser Cut Dress

          AED 462.74 AED 925.47

          Niauli Model Dress

          AED 25,029.00

          Hillary Dress

          AED 2,966.00 AED 5,932.00

          Macrame Back Maxi Dress

          AED 695.00 AED 860.00

          Black Vitorria Elain Gown

          AED 1,787.77 AED 2,225.54

          Noir High-Low Choker Neck Gown

          AED 1,576.24 AED 1,961.12

          One Shoulder Bow Gown

          AED 1,261.50 AED 2,486.28
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