Feather Border Dress

AED 25,710.00

Sleeveless Criss-Cross Dress

AED 30,330.00

Open Sleeve Crepe Dress

AED 15,840.00

Short Sleeve Beaded Dress

AED 28,020.00

Short Sleeve Woven Dress

AED 14,790.00

Plunging V-Neck Dress

AED 39,990.00

Strapless Dress With Draped Skirt

AED 20,670.00

Collar-Like Hood Dress

AED 28,650.00

Floral Embellished Gown

AED 37,100.00

Long Sleeve Georgette Kaftan

AED 31,380.00

Sleeveless Vest & Pants

AED 36,000.00

Lace Crop Top & Skirt

AED 17,310.00

3D Flower Top & Skirt

AED 23,820.00

Sleeveless Beaded Jumpsuit

AED 26,340.00

Strapless Dress With Fringed Skirt

AED 28,020.00

Sleeveless Woven Dress

AED 22,140.00

Stretch Body And Beaded Skirt

AED 20,040.00

Short Sleeve Crepe Jumpsuit

AED 20,250.00

Open Back Long Dress

AED 30,960.00

Sleeveless Dress With Slit

AED 8,070.00

3D Flower Top With Skirt

AED 23,778.00

Long Sleeve Shirt & Shorts

AED 20,838.00

Georgette Ruffled Jacket & Skirt

AED 14,790.00

Georgette Ruffled Jacket & Skirt

AED 25,920.00

Crepe Beaded Blouse & Skirt

AED 30,120.00

Jacket Dress With Slit

AED 18,570.00

Puffy Sleeve Shirt

AED 18,150.00

Cotton Top With Jacket & Pants

AED 26,508.00

Linen Detailed Shirt & Shorts

AED 14,370.00

Linen Detailed Shirt & Shorts with Jacket

AED 24,240.00

Sleeveless Long Beaded Dress

AED 34,530.00

Asymmetrical Skirt Dress

AED 24,660.00

Long Open Sleeve Dress

AED 25,710.00

Beaded Tulle Dress with Fringes

AED 33,690.00

Asymmetrical Long Slit Sleeve Gown

AED 25,500.00

Heart Shaped Wildflowers Embroidered Dress

AED 31,289.70

Mysterious Marocain Dress With Embroidered Tulle

AED 24,238.50
New Season

Pink Sahara Model Dress

AED 21,321.00
New Season

Purple Tonga Model Dress

AED 6,852.00
New Season

Beige Malaui Model Dress

AED 14,255.76

USA Model Dress

AED 13,382.16

Mikado Beaded Shirtdress with Sash

AED 4,850.00

Floral Print Ruffle-Sleeved Taffeta Gown

AED 4,300.00

Mikado Gown and Sequined Duster Set

AED 5,250.00

Fitted Coat Dress Gown with Embellished Cuffs

AED 3,550.00

Sleeveless Disc Sequin Gown

AED 3,176.38

Embroidered Floral Tiered Smock Neck Gown

AED 4,138.38

Embroidered Floral Tiered Smock Neck Gown

AED 4,138.38