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10 DECOART® Fashion Jewelry

 Introducing 10 DECOART® - a fusion of craftsmanship and original design. They curate subtle yet distinctive luxury goods that effortlessly complement modern wardrobes. Eschewing trends, they honor local artistry and the environment, crafting unique, high-quality, and comfortable jewelry from the finest materials. Meet the faces behind 10 DECOART® - Anna Pałubicka and Konrad Komorowski. Joining forces in 2009 to create the jewelry of our dreams, Anna leads as product designer and art director, while Konrad takes the role of brand manager. With diverse backgrounds but a shared passion for art, fashion, and jewelry, we invite you to explore our world of creativity and style.





        Shoe Size


          Cactus Gold Plated Brass Pin

          AED 328.00 AED 656.00

          Kiwi Bird Brass Pin

          AED 235.00 AED 470.00

          Mick Gold Plated Brass Pin

          AED 284.00 AED 568.00

          Ladybug Brass Pin

          AED 285.00 AED 570.00

          Blue Stone Cactus Pin

          AED 303.00 AED 606.00

          Molettee Big Flower Brass Pin

          AED 202.00 AED 404.00

          Molettee Cloud Brass Pin white

          AED 237.00 AED 474.00

          Heart Brass Pin Green

          AED 216.00 AED 432.00

          Kith Gold Plated Brass Pin

          AED 299.00 AED 598.00

          Musashi Gold Plated Brass Pin

          AED 299.00 AED 598.00

          Kikuya Brass Pin

          AED 299.00 AED 598.00

          Charlie Gold Plated Brass Pin

          AED 300.00 AED 600.00

          Galactic Gold Plated Brass Pin

          AED 267.00 AED 534.00

          Galactic Dog Brass Pin

          AED 277.00 AED 554.00

          Eye Gold Plated Brass Pin

          AED 218.00 AED 436.00

          Molettee Raining Cloud Pin

          AED 174.00 AED 348.00

          Molettee cloud with a Rain Pin

          AED 173.00 AED 346.00

          Big Molettee Flower Earrings

          AED 213.00 AED 426.00

          Little Flower Brass Earrings

          AED 257.00 AED 514.00

          Tulips Emerald Sapphire Earrings

          AED 263.00 AED 526.00

          Sweet Eyes Brass Earrings

          AED 222.00 AED 444.00

          Amor Brass Earrings

          AED 213.00 AED 426.00

          Eyes Earrings

          AED 239.00 AED 478.00

          Small Crystal Cloud Earrings

          AED 220.00 AED 440.00

          Eye jet Earrings

          AED 300.00 AED 600.00
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