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FAQ - Affiliates

  1. Who can join?

Just about anybody! Whether you run a large commercial web site, a small personal blog, a non-profit site, or anything in between you're welcome to apply to join the program. We also welcome owners of opt-in e-mail newsletters. All applications are manually reviewed, and we reserve the right to refuse any application, especially if the site or e-mail list contains objectionable material, participates in unsolicited e-mailing, is a "parasite" or if it violates the Affiliates Agreement

  1. How can I join?

Just fill up the Registration Form by providing the following details and submit it online:
Contact Number:
E-mail Address:
Website URL:
Other Information:

  1. What are the benefits of joining?
  2. Its FREE to Join
  3. Trustworthy platform - accurate tracking mechanism on pay per confirmed sale
  4. Earn highest commissions in the industry by promoting the products on
  5. Receive Commission within 30 days from each confirmed sale
  6. Flexible Payments - Get paid by your preferred method of payment
  1. What do I have to do as an Affiliate?


All you need to do as an Affiliate is to promote on your website by:

  1. Placing our ads, banners and videos on your website
  2. Placing special Affiliate link with your unique tracking code.
  3. Placing Affiliate Codes for more commission


  1. How does the Affiliate program work?
  2.  The first step is to partner with ELILHAAM by signing up. It’s totally FREE.
  3. We shall review you application and revert within 3 working days.
  4. If your Application is approved, we shall send you an Acceptance Email.
  5. Once you receive an Acceptance Email, you should login to your Account and read the instructions to set up banners and text links which you can upload on your website.
  6. Any confirmed sale through your link entitles you to receive your commission.
  7. Can I promote ELILHAAM on more than one website?

Yes, you can promote Elilhaam on more than one website or blogs.

  1. Can my Blog qualify for the Affiliate program?


Most blogs and websites qualify to participate in the Affiliate Program, but we reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke your membership at any time if we determine that your website contains objectionable material, such as defamatory content, pornography or other content of an adult nature. Please refer to Affiliates Code of Conduct.

  1. Do I have to have a website or a blog to be an affiliate?

No. If you do not have a website or a blog, you can create special text links and either use those directly yourself to place orders on behalf of clients or you can e-mail the link to friends, family or customers.

  1. How do I find my Affiliate banners, text links, advertisements?

 After you sign up and login with your username & password, you will be presented with a section with the Affiliate banners, text links, E-mail promotions & advertisements.

  1. When do I get paid?

You will receive a commission within 30 days of any person becoming a Member through your promotional performance, provided that they pay the entire membership fee in lump sum at the time of sign up. You will receive commission within 90 days if the person who becomes a member through your promotional performance pays in installments.

  1. How much do I get paid?


You will be paid @6% of every confirmed sale amount excluding the shipping, customs and returns charges, which come through your cookie/affiliate code.

12.      Do I have to live in the US to be an affiliate?
No. The great thing about the internet is that it makes geography irrelevant

13.      What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small piece of data that is transferred to a computer in order to mark it for a later transaction. Affiliate programs are based on cookies. The way they work is that when a user comes to your site and clicks on the link of a site you are affiliated with, a cookie is placed on that user’s computer. Then, even if they leave the site and come back a week later to make a purchase, you will get credit for the purchase and receive a commission. A merchant can make the duration of a cookie as long or as short as they want, depending on their needs and strategy. Some are a yearlong, other only a few days.

14. What is a product feed?
A product feed is a system by which you are able to easily able to choose, manage and modify the products you offer on your site on behalf of a merchant you are affiliated with. Product feeds are only important for online stores and other sales sites– if your site just has a banner linking to a merchant, you do not have to worry about it.

15. What is an RSS feed?
An RSS feed is a system that allows your site to be easily and automatically updated based on the banners, links and products you display.
16. Is there anything else I need to know?
Yes.  To become an Affiliate on the ELILHAAM, you need to agree to the terms and conditions stated in Affiliate Agreement. You should also be familiar with the Affiliate Code of Conduct.
17. I need to ask a question which is not listed here. How can I contact you?
The best way to contact us if you have any questions or problems is to e-mail us at