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Black Ruffles Bodice Embellishment Gown

AED 1,818.00 AED 3,636.00

Oversized Rose Bodice Two Tone Gown

AED 3,055.00

Fitted Crepe Floral Printed Gown

AED 3,593.00

Two-Tone Party Wear Gown

AED 2,269.05 AED 3,241.50

Crepe Off Shoulder Gown With Long Cape

AED 3,846.00

Strapless Tulle Dress With One-Shoulder Draped Shawl

AED 40,139.00

Beaded Tulle Dress With Asymmetrical Hem

AED 36,995.00

Floral Sequin Gown with Balloon Sleeves

AED 3,936.00

Violet Mikado Long Sleeve Party Wear Dress

AED 5,466.00

Off The Shoulder Tea Length Gown

AED 3,045.00
New Season

Crinkle Chiffon Floral Dress

AED 2,381.25
New Season

Melanie Chiffon Long Dress

AED 3,028.75

Satin Dress With Draping

AED 6,426.00
New Season

Fierce Teared Sleeve Gown with Plunging Neckline

AED 4,340.00

Crepe Dress With Beaded Bodice & Long Paneled Sleeves

AED 21,415.00
New Season

Bishop Sleeve Mermaid Gown with Stars

AED 3,656.00

Porcelain Gold One Side Shoulder Sequin Embellished Dress

AED 1,372.50 AED 2,745.00
New Season

Mexico Model Dress

AED 24,804.48
New Season

Srilanka Model Dress

AED 10,106.16
New Season

Galaad Model Dress

AED 8,490.00
New Season

Pakistan Model Dress

AED 10,401.00
New Season

USA Model Dress

AED 13,382.16
New Season

Blue Inglaterra Model Dress

AED 15,413.28
New Season

Mali Model Dress

AED 13,404.00
New Season

Paraguay Model Dress

AED 16,134.00
New Season

Burkina Model Dress

AED 25,962.00
New Season

Comoras Model Two Piece

AED 17,171.40
New Season

Elbonia Model Dress

AED 16,134.00
New Season

Escocia Model Dress

AED 11,220.00
New Season

Granada Model Dress

AED 14,496.00
New Season

Islandia Model Dress

AED 15,566.16
New Season

Red Azerbaiyan Model Dress

AED 11,907.96
New Season

Salomon Model Dress

AED 18,864.00
New Season

Suiza Model Dress

AED 12,290.16

Floral Appliqué Long Sleeve Illusion Gown

AED 3,205.00
New Season

Diana Mesh Long Dress

AED 3,630.00
New Season

Celeste Crepe Long Dress

AED 2,381.25
New Season

Helena Satin Long Dress

AED 2,797.50
New Season

Soft Long Deep V-Neck Gown

AED 3,321.00
New Season

Embellished Funnel Neck Column Gown

AED 4,062.00
New Season

Beaded Yoke Georgette Caftan Gown

AED 4,480.00

Embellished Illusion Long Sleeve Gown

AED 3,990.75

Crepe Flounce Cuff Jewel Buckle Gown

AED 4,446.00
New Season

Camerun Model Skirt

AED 11,110.80
New Season

Chaqueta Camerun Model Jacket

AED 7,398.00
New Season

Orange Malaui Model Dress

AED 12,071.76
New Season

Copper Brown Tonga Model Dress

AED 6,426.12
New Season

Purple Tonga Model Dress

AED 6,852.00