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New Season

A-Line Embroidered Gown

AED 4,736.12
New Season

A-line Printed Dress

AED 2,768.00

Antique Rose Ruffle Tiered Dress

AED 3,205.00

Asymmetric Crêpe Georgette Dress

AED 24,238.50
New Season

Asymmetrical Peach One-Shoulder Scuba Dress

AED 26,385.00

Baby Pink Geometric Pattern Kaftan

AED 960.00
New Season

Beaded Crepe Dress

AED 33,060.00

Beaded Crepe Dress With Open Back

AED 32,895.00
New Season

Beaded Tulle Dress with Georgette Shawls

AED 36,000.00
New Season

Beaded Tulle Dress with Long Open Sleeves

AED 42,720.00
New Season

Beads And Feather Detail Short Dress

AED 2,202.00

Blush Embellished Neck Trumpet Gown

AED 1,602.50 AED 3,205.00
New Season

Bolivar Model Dress

AED 22,041.72
New Season

Bow Sequin Embroidery Kaftan

AED 1,200.00
New Season

Cap Sleeve Embellished Evening Gown

AED 3,176.38

Cascade Ruffled Sleeve Gown

AED 928.00 AED 1,855.00

Cerise Off The Shoulder Long Gown

AED 3,946.00

Chapeaux Shoulder Bag

AED 1,569.99 AED 3,139.99

Claw New Libra Earring African Turquoise

AED 691.16 AED 855.00

Colorblock Boatneck Sheath Dress

AED 441.00 AED 882.00
New Season

Crepe Dress with Seashell Shaped Cut Outs

AED 20,460.00

Crepe Flounce Cuff Jewel Buckle Gown

AED 4,446.00

Dafne Pink Strass Zebra Print Dress With High Slit

AED 4,125.00 AED 8,250.00

Dark Pink Silk Taffeta Beaded Sleeves Abaya

AED 1,790.00

Dark Pink Silk Taffeta Beaded Sleeves Abaya

AED 1,790.00
New Season

Deep Pink Fully Beaded Dress

AED 26,385.00
New Season

Diana Mesh Long Dress

AED 3,630.00

Disc Embellished Sequin Gown with Feather Detail

AED 6,876.00

Disco Ball Earring ( Pink )

AED 318.77 AED 506.81

Draped Fuchsia Crêpe Marocain Jacket Dress

AED 17,628.00

Druzy cz Long Earring

AED 757.00 AED 936.49

Écorce All-over Organza Trousers

AED 1,008.00 AED 2,016.00

Eliana Cowl Satin Gown

AED 3,130.50
New Season

Embroidered Floral Gown

AED 4,138.38

Embroidered Silver Mermaid Dress

AED 35,256.00

Exotic Dome Ring in Electric Pink Lizard

AED 89.00 AED 480.36
New Season

Fantasy Print Frill Sleeves Midi Dress

AED 2,292.00

Fantasy Printed Habotai Midi Dress

AED 3,370.50 AED 6,741.00
New Season

Feather Border Dress

AED 25,710.00
New Season

Feather Trim Column Gown

AED 2,266.12
New Season

Flashy Pink Scuba Dress

AED 25,830.00

Floral Embroidered Asymmetrical Fuchsia Dress

AED 35,256.00

Floral Printed Pink Chiffon Scarf

AED 1,476.00
New Season

Floral Printed Pleated Sleeve Chiffon Gown

AED 3,446.55

Fossa Model Dress

AED 9,798.23

Fuchsia Gold-Toned Signature Bucket Bag 

AED 734.00 AED 1,164.00
New Season

Fuchsia Midi Dress

AED 3,150.00